Green New Deal

Omari Hardy is fighting to:

  • Stop climate change
  • Provide a just transition for workers and consumers
  • Provide reparations for the racial impact of pollution

Climate change is the greatest challenge facing the human species today. It threatens our economy, it threatens our health, it threatens our infrastructure, and it threatens our lives. No where in America is this more true than in Florida, and no where in Florida is this more true than in South Florida. A state surrounded on three sides by water is a state that needs a Green New Deal. And communities like ours that are threatened by sea level rise on one hand and climate gentrification on the other need a representative in Congress who will fight to make the Green New Deal a reality.

Omari Hardy is running for Congress to champion policies that will stop climate change, create millions of green jobs, and repair the damage that has been done to communities of color by corporate polluters. That is what the Green New Deal will do for us and our community, and Omari is fighting to make it a reality.