Gun Violence

Omari Hardy is fighting to:

  • Make our neighborhoods safe.
  • Prevent mass shootings.
  • Treat gun violence as a public health emergency and end cycles of retaliatory violence.

Florida’s Republican leaders have a shameful record on gun violence. After two mass shootings in Florida – one at Pulse and another at Marjory Stoneman Douglas – they still refuse to enact common sense gun reforms. And while Republicans in Florida are guilty of inaction on guns, Republicans in other states are guilty of much worse. This year, for example, Texas passed a law allowing most Texans to carry handguns without a permit. Other states adopted similar legislation. Every year, Republicans in state legislatures across the country find new ways to endanger our communities. But Omari Hardy is running for Congress to stop them. 

Omari knows that we need national legislation to enact common sense gun reforms for all 50 states:

  • Background checks for all gun purchases.
  • A ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. 
  • Mandatory insurance for all gun owners
  • A hefty tax on guns and ammunition.

As your representative in Congress, Omari will fight not only to make these reforms a reality but also to address the gun violence that affects our inner-city communities, gun violence that kills 26 Black Americans every day in this country. Omari knows that we can end the violence in our communities, but he also knows that we need solutions tailored to the problem. That is why, as a State Representative, he filed a bill with Senator Shevrin Jones to set up a task force to study inner-city gun violence and to allow local governments to use evidence-based measures to stop the violence. In Congress, Omari would go even further and propose bold legislation at the federal level to address the many shades of the gun violence epidemic that plagues inner-city communities across America.